References in Thermal Break Assembly - Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is one of Aluro's 'oldest' customers. They were also the first customer to acquire the brand new Aluroller EVO, Aluro's new generation machine for Thermal Break Assembly.

Belgian businesses Reynaers Aluminium and Aluro have had a long history of successful cooperation.  Their story goes back several decades, and originates in the 1960’s with the foundation of both companies.  The founding fathers of Reynaers Aluminium – Jan Reynaers – and of Aluro – Frans De Roovere – were business partners, and built their respective businesses only a few towns apart in the northern province of Antwerp, Belgium.

From day 1, Reynaers Aluminium has been a pioneer who helped to develop the concept of the Aluroller. Many product releases later, the company has implemented 7 Alurollers and several BTM’s in a variety of countries and facilities, from Belgium to Poland, Turkey, Russia, France and Ukraine.  The 8th Aluroller was installed in the main facility in Duffel, Belgium just last year.

Robert Van Herck, Production Supervisor: "No need to say that we are most satisfied with Aluro.  Its know-how and experience has grown together with ours, and together we are laying the foundations of a solid future for both our businesses.  We have implemented several Alurollers and BTM’s in different facilities across Europe, and are most pleased with their performance and qualitative output.  Over the years, Aluro has also proven itself to be a reliable, innovative and customer-focused partner, who from day 1 has been able to work with us to develop solutions that meet our specific needs."

Reynaers Aluminium was also the first customer to acquire the brand new Aluroller EVO. And they are most pleased with its performance.

"The Aluroller EVO doesn’t only increase our efficiency, it’s also a huge step forward towards Lean Manufacturing and a more ergonomic way of working for our operators.  This is now the only machine in the world to consistently deliver correct, stress-free insulated aluminium profiles and for the first time right with zero defects."

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