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The market of window isolation is rapidly changing. Not only are end consumers demanding better isolation (e.g. passive building). Governments are also imposing higher isolation standards. As market leader in the Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles, Aluro has anticipated this drastic market evolution.

Thanks to the extensive experience which Aluro has gained over the past 25 years, Aluro is able to offer superior technology to boost your Thermal Break Assembly. Our machines for Thermal Break Assembly allow you to knurl, to insert isolation strips and to roll to assemble aluminium profiles for windows and curtain walls.

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100 reasons why Thermal Break Assembly is important

Aluminium is often used for the construction of profiles for doors and windows. It is an effective resource, which is abundant, but it is also a good conductor of low and high temperatures. To avoid these temperatures from entering or leaving a building, it is important that the aluminium profiles are well isolated.  As such, a ‘Thermal Break’ is established: the insertion of isolation prevents high or low temperatures from being transferred inside or outside.

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