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HUECK conceives aluminium window, door and façade systems from the root.
The high quality results can be viewed at spectacular buildings all over the world, where the HUECK products have been integrated in office buildings, airports, residential buildings and university campuses, to name but a few.
HUECK has its own development, extrusion, assembly, isolation and full product finishing. 
At its Lüdenscheid (Germany) factory, new products are designed, constructed and severe quality control is conducted to ensure the highest quality.  Since 2012, HUECK also uses the Aluroller for the Thermal Break Assembly of its window profiles.

Sascha Baukhage, Head of insulation systems: “We have known Aluro for many years already, and have always been impressed with their machines and technology.  We’re more than pleased that in 2012, our very first Aluroller was installed.  Since then, it has been running 24 hours per day, during 5 days a week.

At Hueck, we pursue absolute top quality.  In that perspective, it does not suffice to design the most qualitative profile types.  We also need to be able to assemble the various end products with the appropriate isolation without any issues or waste, applying the most effective production process

We have purchased the Aluroller after an extensive analysis of the market’s offerings.  We have noticed that the time needed to switch from one profile type to the next requires significantly less time with the Aluroller than it does with other machines.  The programming is done in an interface, which is very similar to CNC technology.  Since our customers require custom-made products, the batch series become smaller.  And that means that we have to do at least 7 changeovers per day.  With the Aluroller’s interface, we can do so in a matter of minutes.  We can rely on the machine’s technology that the output quality is always the same.

Limited changeover times and the steady quality of the output are major advantages.  The accuracy of the machine is another one.  Thanks to the unique rolling process, the pressure on the profile is spread out over the entire surface of the profile rather than on one specific point at a time.  For smaller or fragile profiles, this make a tremendous difference!  We have very little waste, no issues when sawing or lacquering the end products, and few customer complaints!

And of course, there is also the financial aspect:  the Aluroller only requires 2 operators, significantly less floor space and limited energy resources.  To make the comparison: at other machines, we require 3 to 4 operators to do the same job, and floor space is 2 or 3 times as much.  Profiles which are assembled on the Aluroller, remain on the same position throughout the assembly process, and are then automatically handled towards a buffer.  Far less space is needed, and far less internal logistics!  Our analysis shows that our investment was paid back in one year and a half. 

One last, but certainly not the least important advantage concerns our operators.  Thanks to the Lift-Assist, our operators are spared from heavy handling.  They can place both extrusion halves onto the Aluroller, and the Lift-Assist will automatically position the upper half where it needs to be.  This is a great feature, which allows our operators to work in ergonomically excellent conditions.  Since we also assemble large and heavy profile types, it’s a feature we wouldn’t want to miss anymore!

Aluro has proven to be a reliable partner, who simply delivers.  We can brainstorm to further improve the machine as well as the assembly process, and any issues are handled quickly and professionally.  They have fantastic machines, provide all the necessary documentation and training, thanks to which we can do all the programming ourselves.

In conclusion, we are more than pleased with the Aluroller.  We can rely on this machine’s technology to produce in an efficient process, with steady high quality, short changeover times, less costs and with ergonomic working conditions for our operators.”

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