Aluro values customer input

Aluro values customer input

Since Customer Satisfaction is extremely important to Aluro, we recently invited all of our customers to participate in our annual customer satisfaction survey.  This survey was distributed among all of our customers, spread around the world.  Even though this survey showed that the large majority of our customers are extremely satisfied with Aluro as their supplier, we also took note of some recommendations.  We set our standards high, and value our customers’ opinions.  Which is why several actions have been taken in response to our customers’ feedback.

Your satisfaction with our products

We were pleased to hear how satisfied our customers are with our products, which were given very positive scores, both for the Aluroller and the different BTM machines.  Despite that our customers are happy with the quality of these high-performing products, Aluro continuously invests in making these even more effective.  This allows our customers to increase their Gross Margins, but also improves the working conditions for the operators of our machines.  This is why we recently launched the Lift-Assist, an enhancement to the Aluroller, Aluro’s fully integrated and automated product for the assembly of thermal break.  With the Lift-Assist, we further increase the user-friendliness and ergonomic character of the Aluroller.  Aluro will continue to improve its products, but on top of that, will ensure that all product improvements are well communicated across our customer base.

Your satisfaction with our service

If there is one area about which 100% of our customers are satisfied, then this is the Service we provide them with.  Our dedicated Service team travels throughout the world, to ensure that the machines which we installed over the past 20 years, keep running at the same output level when they were purchased.  This is very much appreciated, it turns out.  At Aluro, we ensure that our Service Engineers are continuously trained and updated with the latest technological developments.  This allows them to provide a Best-in-Class service to all of our customers, no matter where they are.  In the coming months, we will make significant efforts to ensure that our service level will reach an even higher level.  Since at Aluro, we don’t take our customers’ satisfaction for granted.  

Keeping you up to date

A customer satisfaction survey isn’t about sending out a survey, and then collecting the participations.  It’s really about listening to your customers at every single time you meet with them or talk to them.  It’s about keeping your ears and eyes open every single day.  And it’s about taking action immediately, even before you notice something is wrong.  So this doesn’t stop right here.  We will continue to listen to our customers.  To every single one of them.  And we will let you know which actions we have set up in response to your feedback.
This is why we will launch a customer newsletter, to be distributed on a regular basis to all of our contacts with our customers.  In this newsletter, we will keep you informed on the latest relevant developments and product improvements with Aluro.  We know that our contact persons often have a varying role in their respective organizations.  So this newsletter will include both technical topics as well as topics related to the effectiveness of Aluro’s products, their ergonomic and financial aspects and overall market information.  

And remember: Aluro is at your service.  If you want to share any more feedback with us, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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