Aluro presents tomorrow's technology for thermal break assembly of aluminum profiles

Aluro presents tomorrow's technology for thermal break assembly of aluminum profiles

Aluro, the Belgian specialist in the thermal break assembly of aluminum profiles with plastic strips, will be presenting its revolutionary new Aluroller before year-end.  The company has over 40 years’ experience in building and servicing machines for isolating aluminum profiles.  Early December, Aluro will be revealing its newest development to a selective audience at its offices in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium.  

“We’ve noticed that the market of window isolation is rapidly changing”, explains Head of R&D Peter De Roovere.  “Since a few years, consumers are demanding better isolation.  Not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East, North America and over the entire world really.  Partly, this is because consumers are feeling the effect of rising energy prices in their wallet, but people are also growing more conscious of the effects of global warming.  Energy consumption has increased tremendously, and will only incline further in the years to come.”

“But this has not been the only evolution in our market”, De Roovere continues.  “In several parts of the world, governments are also imposing stricter regulations when it comes to isolation standards.  In Europe, for example, all new buildings need to be passive by 2020.  That means that these buildings need to be more energy efficient, reducing their ecological footprint.  This can only be achieved by using high quality isolation.  Window manufacturers and providers of isolation technology have recognized this drastic change in legislation and in consumer demand.  They are already developing new technologies to live up to these changing market requirements.”

“At Aluro, of course we are in close contact with our customers who are active in window manufacturing.  But we also maintain close relationships with the providers of isolation strips and other isolation technologies.  Both groups have come to us with the request to build a new machine that will allow them a qualitative assembly of the aluminum profiles in which these new isolation technologies can easily and effectively be inserted.  Those requests have resulted in the new Aluroller.”

“We will be presenting the new Aluroller to a selective audience of both customers and providers of isolation technology.  This revolutionary new machine is the result of hard work, in which all 3 parties – our customers, the providers of isolation technology and Aluro – have actively been involved.  And the result is spectacular”, states a proud De Roovere.

With the new Aluroller, customers wil:

  1. Significantly improve the efficiency of the assembly process, resulting in practically no waste
  2. Need less tooling, and reduce their costs
  3. Achieve even faster set-up times

“Moreover, this machine has been built to allow the effective assembly of new profile types as well as of new isolation technologies.  We have run extensive tests with a variety of new profiles types as well as with complex isolation strips and other isolation types, and the result has been astonishing.  Our unique assembly process allows for profiles to be clamped in over their entire length.  This means that the profiles that are assembled with the new Aluroller are practically free of any internal stress.  So there will be no distortions or deformations of any kind when the isolated profile comes out of the machine.  So waste is reduced to zero.  And that is not only positive for the profitability of the customer, but it also has a positive impact on the ecological footprint of the production process as such.”

“Since we have built the new Aluroller in such a smart way, our customers will also be needing less tooling.  The new Aluroller has been built to assemble any profile type, using any isolation technology whatsoever.  So it will increase the customer’s flexibility.”

Flexibility is a key word in a market where more profile types and isolation technologies are being developed.  Batch sizes are becoming smaller, and a production site needs to be able to switch quickly from one profile order to the next.  “And that is why we have reduced the set-up time.  Both the user interface and machine set-up allow for extremely fast set-up times, again improving flexibility, efficiency and profitability.”

There is no doubt that the new Aluroller will bring about a buzz in the market.  Both Aluro’s customers and the providers of isolation technologies have been looking forward to this moment. 

“We’ve already taken the first orders for our new Aluroller, and will be installing the very first of this revolutionary new machine before year-end.  But first, we will welcome our customers and the providers of isolation technologies at our offices in Heist-op-den-Berg,” De Roovere concludes.  “I am convinced that we’ll see the surprise on people’s faces, when we demonstrate tomorrow’s technology.”

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