Aluro presents new Thermal Break Technology at Greenbuild International Expo in Washington

Aluro presents new Thermal Break Technology at Greenbuild International Expo in Washington

Aluro, the Belgian specialist in Thermal Break assembly of aluminium profiles with isolation strips, will be presenting its new Thermal Break Technology at the Greenbuild International Expo in Washington.  Aluro’s Aluroller EVO was officially launched earlier this year, and is a revolutionary machine that is ready to assemble the most futuristic and qualitative aluminium window and door profiles.  Aluro will be presenting its latest innovation at the Greenbuild International Expo, which will take place at the Washington Convention Center from 18 to 19 November 2015.

It has taken Aluro no less than 6 years to develop the Aluroller EVO, an ergonomic 3-in-1 machine that combines knurling, assembly and rolling into one, integrated machine and ensures the highest and most qualitative output in the market.  The first machines have already been installed with several customers across Europe.  The Belgian specialist in Thermal Break assembly is now ready to address North America.

“It’s not a surprise that our first orders have come from our European customers,” states Head of R&D Peter De Roovere.  “Not only are our headquarters based in the heart of Europe, the European windows & doors market is also different from other regions.  Perhaps more than in other continents, European consumers are demanding better isolation.  This is partly due to energy prices, but also the growing conscience when it comes to global warming.  Qualitative isolation has become more important than ever.  But that’s not the only reason,” De Roovere says.

“In several parts of the world, governments are also imposing stricter regulations when it comes to isolation standards.  In Europe, for example, all new buildings need to ‘nearly zero-energy buildings’ by the end of 2020.”  This has been determined by the EPBD directive (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive).  The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires all new buildings to be nearly zero-energy by the end of 2020. All new public buildings must be nearly zero-energy by 2018.  “This can only be achieved by using high quality isolation,“  De Roovere states.  “Window manufacturers and providers of isolation technology have recognized this drastic change in legislation and in consumer demand.  They are already developing new technologies to live up to these changing market requirements.”

In order to address these changing market conditions, the Belgian specialist in Thermal Break assembly has taken on the role of a pioneer.  The company started developing the Aluroller EVO six years ago already.  It has spared costs nor resources to build what Aluro’s customers are already calling ‘a machine that is simple one of a kind’.  Its unique rolling/crimping process whereby isolation strips are pulled in, rather than pushed in, ensures qualitative, straight profiles.  Moreover, thanks to the extremely fast set-up and changeover times, Aluro’s customers are using the Aluroller EVO as a ‘Best Demonstrated Practice’ for Lean Manufacturing.  “That’s yet another of the many customer requirements we had received prior and during the development of our new machine: our customers want to produce faster and more efficient than ever before, while keeping costs low, and stock limited.  They also want to be able to quickly switch production from one profile type to the next.  These are just a few of the many requirements that we have taken into account during the development phase, and of which we are convinced that they will be most appreciated by companies in North-America as well,” De Roovere predicts.

With the new Aluroller EVO, customers will
•    Significantly improve the efficiency of the assembly process, resulting in practically zero waste
•    Need less tooling, and reduce their costs while increasing their flexibility
•    Achieve even faster set-up times and much shorter cycle times

The Aluroller EVO is not the only machine of Aluro. The company also offers separate stand-alone machines, which can be integrated into existing production lines.  Its product portfolio also includes various types of Outfits for the Thermal Break assembly lines, such as buffers, roller-tables and T-Testers.  The third keystone of Aluro is its Service, of which it is generally known that Aluro’s service engineers are best-in-class and provide remote as well as on-site technical service.

Aluro will be presenting its Machines, Outfit ánd Services at the Greenbuild International Expo in Washington DC from 18 to 19 November 2015.  You’ll find Aluro at booth 4109.

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