Aluro Opens Office in the United States

Aluro Opens Office in the United States

Aluro announces the opening of its USA office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last year, Aluro launched the Aluroller EVO.  This innovative machine outperforms any existing thermal break assembly equipment for aluminum profiles.

R & D Manager Peter De Roovere explains: "Today, our machine is the only one in the world to deliver straight, stress-free insulated aluminum profiles with zero errors, starting from the very first profile.  It is extremely difficult to assemble and insulate long and complex profiles with traditional machines, but it’s child's play with our 3-step-in-1 fully automated Aluroller EVO."

Aluro invested 6 years of Research and Development to build it.  One year after its launch, the first installations with Europe-based customers have been successfully concluded.

"This is no coincidence”, says De Roovere, “because the European market is very demanding when it comes to insulation standards, under the impulse of strict energy-saving regulations. Also, minimalist profiles and very large windows have become today’s standards.  Profile constructors worldwide are keeping an eye on these trends, and have noticed the success of the Aluroller EVO, which has grown into the new benchmark for the polyamide strip insulation and assembly of aluminum window profiles.  And that creates new possibilities in the United States."

Aluro has opened a new office in Atlanta, Georgia, where its team will serve Aluro’s US client base and address all requirements emanating from window and door manufacturers or extruders. "Local presence is very important in a market like the United States.  It is an immense continent, and understandably, people prefer to have a local contact, which can quickly and efficiently deliver the requested service.  We are therefore very pleased that we can meet this demand with our new office", explains Peter De Roovere.

The Aluroller EVO offers a direct path towards lean manufacturing. Aiming to achieve maximum customer value with minimal waste, operating costs are greatly reduced. “However, productivity and profitability are not the only achievements.” adds De Roovere “For our customers, it is crucial that very different profile types can be assembled on the same machine.  In one shift, 5 pieces of a certain profile type may have to be assembled, after which 20 pieces of a very different profile type, and so on.  This means that the operators must be able to change over in no time.  With the Aluroller EVO, that’s a matter of just a few minutes."

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