Aluro Joins Forces with Spanish System Pulver

Aluro Joins Forces with Spanish System Pulver

Aluro’s thermal break assembly machines have been finding their way to the Spanish market for almost 20 years now. Since the very first delivery of an Aluroller in 2002, quite a number of Spanish customers have discovered this unique 3-in-1 technology.

To provide the Spanish market with even better service, the next logical step for Aluro was a commercial partner. That role is soon to be filled by System Pulver, located in Barcelona, a well-known name in Spanish industry and the ideal partner to represent Aluro.

‘System Pulver will function primarily as Aluro’s commercial partner’, states Anthony De Meurechy, Managing Director at Aluro. ‘For a major market such as Spain, a local base is very useful. We are convinced there are many Spanish companies which could still potentially optimise their thermal break assembly processes. Aluro will provide System Pulver with our full support for all new applications, while of course continuing to provide our existing customers with their accustomed service and support’, concludes De Meurechy.

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