Aluroller EVO: 3-in-1 technology for Thermal Break Assembly

Superior 3-in-1 technology for Thermal Break Assembly of aluminium profiles

  • Superior 3-in-1 technology for knurling, strip inserting and rolling (crimping)
  • 1 machine for 3 operations, requiring only 2 operators
  • Unique rolling (crimping) process to ensure straight profiles
  • Fastest set-up times in the market

Perfect quality of your end product
Aluro has used the most innovative technology to ensure that the profiles which you isolate and assemble with the Aluroller EVO, are of exceptional quality.

Bananas are not an option
Each alu half-scale is supported over its entire length during the entire rolling/crimping process. The result is a straight profile without any distortions, starting with the very 1st profile. Moreover, there is no need for any backbending correction system. No bananas!

No more waste
The Aluroller EVO ensures that every assembled profile is straight, starting with the very 1st profile. The result is that your waste can be reduced to 0, and customer complaints re: quality will drop dramatically.

Fastest set-up times in the market
The user interface and machine set-up allow for extremely fast set-up times, improving flexibility, efficiency and profitability.

Work in progress as customers demand it
The fast set-up times and extremely high efficiency allow for fast production times and easy switch-over between batches. You can quickly shift from one profile type to the next.

Superior QUALITY of your isolated and assembled aluminium profiles
Each half of the profile is clamped in separately, over its entire length. The profiles remain clamped in during the entire process. As a result, every single profile that is assembled with the Aluroller EVO will be poor of any internal tensions. A straight profile, as from the very 1st profile.

Increased EFFICIENCY of your organization
The 3-in-1 technology of the Aluroller EVO allows for less internal logistic handling, less damage, less costs and less personnel. Moreover, the user interface and machine set-up allow for extremely fast set-up. All sorts of profiles can be assembled: extremely long (up to 7500mm*) and wide (up to 500mm) profiles, cascade profiles, asymmetric profiles or complex profiles. Large isolation strips are easily inserted, without being blocked.

The Aluroller EVO will allow you to optimize your production process by eliminating all tasks that do not create additional value. Level scheduling, quick changeover processes and standard processes regardless the profile type will enable a continuous flow in your production.

Better PROFITABILITY for your business as a whole
Since every assembled profile is straight, your waste is reduced to 0, significantly impacting the profitability of your business. Traditional isolation strips as well as foam strips can easily be inserted in 1 single process. The end result meets the highest European quality standards, which allow you to set premium pricing. Costs can be saved on floor space, internal logistics and personnel. Less tooling is required and maintenance is limited during an extremely long lifecycle. With the lowest cost per meter in the market, ROI is less than 1 year.

Greater FLEXIBILITY to meet your customers’ requirements
The nature of the supply chain has undergone significant changes in the past years. Series sizes have decreased, and we need to be able to react quickly to sudden changes in demand and supply. Thanks to the fast set-up times that can be achieved with our user-friendly user interface and machine set-up, you can easily switch between different profile types, without impacting the output of your production process.

Better ECOLOGICAL footprint
We all long for a greener planet, not in the least the end consumer. At ALURO, we have invested to ensure that our technology meets the latest ecologic standards that decrease your ecological  footprint. Not only do you produce less waste with the Aluroller EVO, you will also be using less energy since you will be using only 1 machine instead of several machines. Moreover, we have used technology in our Aluroller EVO that re-uses energy thanks to advanced steering techniques.

Ready for the profile designs and strip technology of the FUTURE
Think ahead, and anticipate the newest profile types that the market is already developing today.We have worked closely with both profile designers and producers and with the suppliers of isolation technologies. The Aluroller EVO allows you to assemble the most innovative and complex profile types, also with varying isolation types, such as foam or open and closed cell structures. Complex profiles, extremely long profiles or even cascade profiles can be assembled without problems, and will result in a straight profile. Every single time. Starting with the very first one.

Best-in-Class SERVICE by a partner who sets the same high standards as you do
ALURO has been servicing customers in over 25 countries all over the world. For over 25 years. And we will continue to do so. At ALURO, the customer always comes first. Together, we will ensure that you get the most out of your machine, at a minimal cost. Our multilingual service team will assist you remotely when possible, at your premises if needed. Our technology allows for remote diagnostics, which will improve the service. And decrease your costs.

The best ERGONOMIC operational methods for your machine operators
To ensure that your operators can operate your machines during long shifts, we have made every possible ergonomic improvement to the ALUROLLER EVO. The Lift-Assist, for example, will position  the upper profile half for your operator. So they won’t need to bend or force their back. 

  • Machine dimensions (mm): L = 11,136, B = 2063, H = 2918
  • Total machine weight: +/- 19000 kg
  • Electrical requirements: AC 39 kW/3-phase + PE
  • Air supply: ½” (min. 6 bar) max. 0.25 m³/min
  • Processing flow rate (traverse rate): 120 m/min
  • Rolling disc diameters: 0 to max. 8000 N
  • Proportional pressure control on the discs, handles and notched wheels
  • Profile length: 24 ft max or 7320 mm - 7500 mm (can be extended on request)


The Aluroller is able to assemble the most diverse profile formats. Find out more about the dimensions in detail below:


Aluroller EVO
Aluroller EVO bedieningspaneel

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How does it work?

Join our Aluro operator in the complete thermal break assembly process, from set-up to assembled profile. Discover how easy it is to change tooling, to select your presaved profile settings through the intuitive PLC-screen, to prepare the profiles for strip insertion etc... Knurling, strip insertion and rolling (or crimping): the Aluroller EVO carries out 3 operations.  With just 1 machine, and only 2 operators.

Discover the benefits of the Aluroller EVO

  • ALUROEcology
  • ALUROEfficiency
  • ALUROErgonomics
  • ALUROFlexibility
  • ALUROFuture proof
  • ALUROLean manufacturing
  • ALUROProfitability
  • ALUROQuality
  • ALUROService
Reynaers Aluminium
Duffel, Belgium
Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is one of Aluro's 'oldest' customers. They were also the first customer to acquire the brand new Aluroller EVO, Aluro's new generation machine for Thermal Break Assembly.

Belgian businesses Reynaers Aluminium and Aluro have had a long history of successful cooperation.  Their story goes back several decades, and originates in the 1960’s with the foundation of both companies.  The founding fathers of Reynaers Aluminium – Jan Reynaers – and of Aluro – Frans De Roovere – were business partners, and built their respective businesses only a few towns apart in the northern province of Antwerp, Belgium.

From day 1, Reynaers Aluminium has been a pioneer who helped to develop the concept of the Aluroller. Many product releases later, the company has implemented 7 Alurollers and several BTM’s in a variety of countries and facilities, from Belgium to Poland, Turkey, Russia, France and Ukraine.  The 8th Aluroller was installed in the main facility in Duffel, Belgium just last year.

Lüdenscheid, Germany

HUECK conceives aluminium window, door and façade systems from the root.
The high quality results can be viewed at spectacular buildings all over the world, where the HUECK products have been integrated in office buildings, airports, residential buildings and university campuses, to name but a few.
HUECK has its own development, extrusion, assembly, isolation and full product finishing. 
At its Lüdenscheid (Germany) factory, new products are designed, constructed and severe quality control is conducted to ensure the highest quality.  Since 2012, HUECK also uses the Aluroller for the Thermal Break Assembly of its window profiles.