Aluro continues to invest in product enhancements

Aluro continues to invest in product enhancements

Aluro is the worldwide market leader in the construction of machines for thermal break insulation of aluminium profiles.  The company continues to invest in the further enhancement of its products.  The Aluroller, Aluro’s fully integrated and automated product, can now be extended with the “Lift-Assist”.

The Aluroller

The Aluroller is a “3-in-1” technology for the assembly of the thermal break.  It is designed to carry out the three operations in just one machine: knurling, assembly and rolling.  This unique machine significantly improves gross margins and the efficiency of Aluro’s customers as well as the quality of the isolated aluminium profiles, resulting in competitive advantages.

A new enhancement: the “Lift-Assist”

The Aluroller can now be extended with the “Lift-Assist”, allowing the operator to simply place profiles onto it, rather than having to insert these into the machine.  The Lift-Assist will now do this automatically, further increasing the user-friendliness and ergonomic character of the Aluroller

“Ergonomics are increasingly important to our customers”, explains Head of R&D Peter De Roovere.  “Many of our customers have brought this to our attention, which is why we sat down with our R&D team to think of improvements to our existing product lines.  After carefully testing the Lift-Assist and after positive feedback of selected pilot customers, we can now say we have come up with a solution which significantly improves the ergonomic character of the Aluroller.” 

Another advantage of the Lift-Assist is its contribution to the already high productivity of the Aluroller.  The operators have to do less manual work, which has a positive impact on the productivity of both the operators and the machine.  Once the thermal break joins both profiles, the Lift-Assist allows for a faster unloading process of the finished profiles.  Peter De Roovere : “The Lift-Assist is another step towards man-free automation of thermal break technology.  After extensive testing, our pilot customers have confirmed that the combination of the Aluroller with the Lift-Assist has significantly increased their performance, both in terms of ergonomics, productivity and Gross Margins.  We look forward to seeing the same excellent results with new customers.”

Main benefits

The main benefits of the Lift-Assist can be summed up as follows:

  • Ergonomics: the Aluroller becomes even more ergonomic for the operator
  • Productivity: the Lift-Assist allows for an even higher productivity of the Aluroller
  • Gross Margin: by using the Lift-Assist as an add-on to the Aluroller, the customer will have a significant positive impact on his Gross Margin.

For more information on the Lift-Assist or the Aluroller, please feel free to get in touch with our Commercial  Department: +32 (0)15 246 660

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