Outfit for Thermal Break Assembly: Lift for basket/chassis

to further improve the ergonomics for your operators

  • Improve the ergonomic working conditions for your operators
  • Raw materials are automatically provided to your operators
  • Achieve a faster loading process of your raw materials
  • Further increase the productivity of your Thermal Break machines

Better ergonomics for your operators

By using the Lift for raw materials, your operator will automatically be provided with the raw materials.  He can then simply place profiles onto the Thermal Break Assembly machine, rather than having to insert these into the it.  The Lift for raw materials will now automatically deliver raw materials to your operators, further increasing the user-friendliness and ergonomic character of your production process.  The height of the basket is adjustable to feed the raw materials at the right height for your operators.  This simple modification will result in better ergonomic standards and a higher return of your operators.

Higher productivity

The operators have to do less manual work, which has a positive impact on the productivity of both the operators and the machine.  Your operators can focus on their primary objective: to assemble highly qualitative profiles with an excellent Thermal Break.

Better Gross Margins

By using the Lift for raw materials as an add-on to the Aluroller EVO, you will obtain a significant positive impact on his Gross Margin.  This is due to the synergies you will achieve by combining two effective means to bring your production to the next level.

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Aluro Outfit T-tester

  • Test the shear value T of your assembled profiles
  • Measure the horizontal pressure of the Thermal Break
  • Available in manual and motorized versions
  • Manual T-testers can be upgraded to a motorized version

Aluro Outfit Roller-tables

  • Effective and ergonomic means to unload your profiles
  • Optimizes the flow in your production
  • Can be further completed with buffers and other transportation systems
  • Rollers can be driven or synchronized with other equipment