Outfit for Thermal Break Assembly: Integrated sawing & T-tester

to saw your assembled profiles at the requested length

  • Integrate the sawing of your profiles in your existing production line
  • Saw your assembled profiles at the requested length
  • Achieve significant time-savings
  • Integrate the sawing process immediately after the Thermal Break Assembly

Include one more step in your production step

This system for integrated sawing can easily be integrated in your production process. It will result in significant time-saving, and further optimizes the flow in your production facilities.

Saw your assembled profiles at the requested length

This Aluro outfit allows you to saw every individual profile at the requested length. By installing this step in your production process immediately next to the Aluroller EVO, your will save significant time and further optimize your assembly process.

One more step towards the perfect production process

With the 3-in-1 technology of the Aluroller EVO, the integrated sawing machine, the buffer and the roller-tables, you have all the necessary building blocks for your perfect production process.  You can use these building blocks to build your custom-made assembly line, including sawing and packing.



All steps in the production process at one location

You have all the necessary building blocks at your disposal to set up the perfect production process for your organization.  From the feeding of raw materials, to the assembly, the sawing and packing of your finished products: you can use our wide range of machines and outfit to design and implement your ideal production process.  Aluro is at your service to guide and assist you throughout the entire process


Highest efficiency & Modular extension possibilities

Build your ideal production process step by step, and spread your investments over time. Our Aluroller EVO, BTM machines and outfit can easily be integrated into your existing production lines.  Buffers and roller-tables can be further modified and extended, thanks to their modular design. By implementing the right building blocks for your organization, you will further increase the efficiency in your production unit.


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Aluro Outfit Integrated packing

  • Include the packing of your end product in your production process
  • Introduce the proper packing for your products
  • Further optimize the flow in your production facilities
  • No need for additional manpower