Operator training for Thermal break assembly machines

  • On-site training by our multi-lingual Service engineers
  • Quick start-up of your production
  • Better safety and efficiency
  • Training using your own profiles and isolation strips

On-site training by our multi-lingual Service engineers

To minimize travel costs, it will be the same Service engineers responsible for the installation, who also provide the training to your operators. This is done on-site, immediately after installation. Additional training is also possible, both at your premises and at our training facilities in Belgium.

Quick start-up of your production

To ensure a fast start-up of your Thermal Break Assembly machines, the training is conducted using your own profiles and isolation strips.  Your operators will immediately get the chance to work with our machines, and production is started during the training session.

Better safety and efficiency

For the safety and optimal efficiency, it is extremely important that your operational staff knows how to operate your machines. Your operators will be extensively trained and assisted during the start-up of production.  Using your own profiles and your own isolation strips.  

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BTM Knurling Machine

BTM-series BTM Knurling Machine

  • Stand-alone machine, purely for the knurling of the extrusion’s cavity
  • Easy integration into existing production lines
  • 2 hardened steel knurling wheels
  • 4 Vulkollan surfaced support (horizontal) rollers and 4 Vulkollan surfaced guide (vertical) rollers
  • Technical Know-How
  • Solutions and Technology
  • Superior Quality