Design & tooling assistance for your Thermal Break Assembly

  • Assistance during the design phase of your new profiles
  • The right tooling for your profiles
  • Development of tailor-made tools
  • In-house production of your tools

Assistance during the design phase

Already during the development phase of new profile systems, we’ll be by your side to ensure that your newest developments can be manufactured efficiently.  We are your disposal for technical feasibility studies and for advise on any necessary amendments to die-designs.

The right tooling for your profiles

An effective Thermal Break Assembly process often requires the proper tooling for your profiles.  Although we have designed, developed and produced tooling for many years already, we have ensured that our Aluroller EVO requires much less tooling than any other Thermal Break Machine.  Aluro has technical experts who are at your disposal to give you better insights into the tooling for your various profile types, even if they are still in the design phase.

Development of tailor-made tools

Our Tooling team can help you to design and develop the proper tooling for your profiles.  Not only will we assist you during the design phase, we'll also produce them for you in-house.

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