Installation & start-up of thermal break assembly machines

  • Correct and accurate installation of your machines and equipment
  • Commissioning & Start-up of production
  • Assistance during start-up

Experienced Service engineers with language skills

Your Thermal Break machines and Outfit are installed by our Best-in-Class Service Team: these well-trained, dynamic engineers travel the world to provide our customers with top service.  They are not only technically skilled, but are also multi-lingual, so chances are that you will be adressed in your own language.

A good start is half the battle

An accurate installation and flawless setting-into-operation is crucial for the good-functioning of your machines.  We will not only install your machines correctly and accurately, but will also ensure the start-up of production.

A joint start-up with your operators

During start-up of production, we will work jointly with your operators to ensure a quick start-up of your Thermal Break Assembly process.  To ensure immediate results, all start-ups will be done using your own profiles.

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Do you need personal advice?

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This video shows how the Aluroller EVO improves your thermal break assembly process.

Fastest changeovers, easy process of all type of profiles, multilayer profiles in 1 run, compact footprint and all this with just 2 operators.


3 operations are carried out with just 1 machine

The fast set-up times and extreme high efficiency allow for fast production times and easy switch-over between batches. You can quickly shift from one profile type to the next.