Boost your Thermal Break Assembly with the Aluro Service Team

With the help of our Best-in-Class Service Team

Would you like to get the most out of your production?  Aluro will assist you to further increase your productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our experienced Service engineers are at your service for a precise installation and flawless setting-into-operation of your thermal break equipment.

They will provide the proper maintenance, tooling or intervention. And together, we will ensure that you get the most out of your machine, at a minimal cost. Our multilingual service team will assist you remotely when possible, at your premises if needed. Our technology allows for remote diagnostics, which will improve the service. And decrease your costs.

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In the spotlight


    This video shows how the Aluroller EVO improves your thermal break assembly process.

    Fastest changeovers, easy process of all type of profiles, multilayer profiles in 1 run, compact footprint and all this with just 2 operators.


    3 operations are carried out with just 1 machine

    The fast set-up times and extreme high efficiency allow for fast production times and easy switch-over between batches. You can quickly shift from one profile type to the next.