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We are Aluro. A company which was founded in Belgium in 1969, and which is still a family business. Our team consists of 20 people, who are not only well trained, but who have also gathered lots of experience. Our Service engineers, Production workers and Commercial Team will be glad to meet with you.

What do we do? We focus exclusively on building, servicing and optimizing machines for the Thermal Break Assembly of aluminium profiles. We have done so for 25 years. As such, Aluro is the only company in the world to focus solely on the construction of machines for Thermal Break Assembly of aluminium profiles.

This has resulted in 25 years of experience, know-how and relations with customers and suppliers of isolation technology. And that knowledge is continuously invested back into you. Our customer. To provide you with Superior Technology to boost your Thermal Break Assembly.

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Our customers about Aluro

Aluro services customers all around the world

  • Metal Technology Ltd.
    Antrim, Northern Ireland
    Metal Technology Ltd.

    For over 30 years, Metal Technology Ltd is one of the UK and Ireland's leading architectural aluminium systems companies.  Since its inception in December 1985, Metal Technology is now one of the UK and Ireland's leading designers and suppliers of bespoke architectural aluminium window, door and curtain wall systems.  Annual installations exceed 90 million pounds and the company operates daily dispatches to the UK and Ireland from its three acre manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Northern Ireland.

    While Metal Technology has always focused on innovative designs, it has never lost sight of its capabilities in the production department.  The company's success has been built upon a core focus and investment in support, product development and reducing the environmental impact.  It is probably due to that company philosophy that Metal Technology crossed the path of Aluro. 

  • Bouvet SA
    Angers, France
    Bouvet SA

    For three generations already, Bouvet SA is a family-owned and –run corporation which has grown from a one man business into a large corporation with close to 1.000 employees and to € 150 mio turnover.  Bouvet purchased its first Aluroller in 2007, and its first Aluroller EVO was installed just a few months ago.

    One of the company’s corporate values is to never cease to innovate.  Since the 1970’s already, the company started experimenting with the combination of different raw materials to produce end products.  Today, this has resulted in a separate business unit: subdivision MINCO focuses exclusively on the production of window profiles, which are a combination of aluminium and wood.  Bouvet itself has also extended its activities and is now a full extruder, thereby allowing even more innovation.

    In the first years of this millennium, Bouvet started to explore the possibilities of Thermal Break for aluminium profiles, and that’s how they came across Aluro. 

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The latest news on Thermal Break Assembly

  • OPINION PIECE – Industry 4.0: Evolution, Not a Revolution

    OPINION PIECE – Industry 4.0: Evolution, Not a Revolution

    After attending the Future Aluminium Forum, Anthony De Meurechy, Aluro Managing Director, took it upon himself to explain his views on Industry 4.0 in our sector. Hot topic at the forum: the fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Is this a revolution for the aluminium sector, though, or just evolution? According to De Meurechy, the term evolution currently remains sufficient.

  • Aluro Joins Forces with Spanish System Pulver

    Aluro Joins Forces with Spanish System Pulver

    Aluro’s thermal break assembly machines have been finding their way to the Spanish market for almost 20 years now. Since the very first delivery of an Aluroller in 2002, quite a number of Spanish customers have discovered this unique 3-in-1 technology.

  • Visit Aluro at GlassBuild America 2017

    Visit Aluro at GlassBuild America 2017

    Aluro will have a stand at the 2017 GlassBuild America trade fair in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Visitors from all over the world will be attending the GlassBuild fair, the annual gathering place for the entire glass, window and door industries.