Lean manufacturing for the thermal break assembly process

And boost your Thermal Break Assembly

Thanks to 25 years of extensive experience, Aluro is able to offer a solution to easily implement LEAN MANUFACTURING in your production process.  This innovative machine allows you to knurl, pull in isolation strips and roll/crimp to assemble aluminium profiles for windows, doors, curtain walls, ...

  • Most advanced state-of-the-art technology

Aluro has used the most innovative technology to ensure that the profiles which you isolate and assemble with the Aluroller EVO, are of exceptional quality, while complying with the Lean Manufacturing strategy.

  • Unique rolling/crimping process

Each alu half-scale is supported over its entire length during the entire rolling/crimping process. The result is a straight profile without any distortions, starting with the very 1st profile. Moreover, there is no need for any backbending correction system. No bananas!

  • No more defects

The Aluroller EVO ensures that every assembled profile is straight, starting with the very 1st profile. The result is that your waste can be reduced to practically zero.

  • No more overproduction

The fast set-up times of the Aluroller EVO allow you to change quickly from one profile type to the next, allowing you to produce in function of customer demand. Don’t lose time with changeovers and don’t lose money with inventory.

  • No unnecessary logistics

With the Aluroller EVO, 3 operations are carried out with just 1 machine: knurling, strip insertion and rolling (crimping). There will be no unnecessary movement of raw or finished materials, or of people.

  • Standard process for various profile types

Thanks to the automatic quality control, data storage and user-friendly interface, any profile type can be assembled, using any isolation type. You will be able to implement standard processes, regardless of the profile or isolation type.

  • Level scheduling

You will be able to manufacture in much smaller batches by mixing product variants within the same process. Deliver perfect quality with unprecedented speed!

  • Independent on personnel

Only 2 operators are required, and the standard process allows anyone to operate the Aluroller EVO. You will no longer be dependent on specialists.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Drastically improve your OEE: manufacture only good quality, as fast as possible, with no down time.

  • Continuous flow

In short, thanks to the unique rolling/crimping and assembly process, the Aluroller EVO will allow you to drastically improve the efficiency of your production process, with standard processes, no defects and perfect quality. You will produce purely in function of demand and be able to deliver just-in-time.

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3 operations are carried out with just 1 machine

The fast set-up times and extreme high efficiency allow for fast production times and easy switch-over between batches. You can quickly shift from one profile type to the next.


In Thermal Break Assembly

Increase your production output, while keeping costs low.  Minimize your waste and maximize your profitability.  With the Aluroller EVO.