Improve the service level of your thermal break assembly process

And boost your Thermal Break Assembly

Thanks to 25 years of extensive experience, Aluro is able to offer a solution to significantly improve the SERVICE LEVEL of your production process.  This innovative machine allows you to knurl, pull in isolation strips and roll/crimp to assemble aluminium profiles for windows, doors, curtain walls, ...

  • Most advanced state-of-the-art technology

Aluro has used the most innovative technology to ensure that the profiles which you isolate and assemble with the Aluroller EVO, are of exceptional quality.

  • Unique rolling/crimping process

Each alu half-scale is supported over its entire length during the entire rolling/crimping process. The result is a straight profile without any distortions, starting with the very 1st profile. Moreover, there is no need for any backbending correction system. No bananas!

  • No more waste

The Aluroller EVO ensures that every assembled profile is straight, starting with the very 1st profile. The result is that your waste can be reduced to practically zero.

  • Know-how & Experience

Aluro has 25 years’ experience in building, installing and servicing machines, even with other machine brands. We are the market’s preferred Service partner, and can also provide service for other machine brands.

  • Extremely long proven lifecycle

This highly qualitative machine needs limited service and will be operational for at least 15 years.

  • Remote diagnosis

The innovative CNC-steering mechanism allow for remote diagnosis for any issues you may encounter. Your problems will be fixed faster and at a lower cost.

  • Multi-lingual Service team

Not only is our Service team well trained, and do they have lots of experience; they will most likely also be fluent in your language! This further enhances communication and any issue you may have, will be solved faster.

  • Less internal logistic handling

Knurling, strip insertion and rolling/crimping are carried out with 1 machine, in 1 single process. This optimizes your production process, and your costs as well as the risk for damage are reduced.

  • Easy insertion of large isolation strips

Isolation strips are pulled into the profile, instead of being pushed. Strips do not get blocked during insertion and will not damage the machine.

  • Very practical and reliable

In short, thanks to the unique rolling/crimping and assembly process, the Aluroller EVO ensures the highest quality of your isolated and assembled aluminum profiles. With the best service in the market.

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With Aluro

The technology of the Aluroller EVO allows for remote diagnosis, limiting your service costs.  Nevertheless, our multilingual service team is at your service, whenever and wherever you may need us.


Of Thermal Break Assembly?

With the Aluroller EVO, you have the right machine for futuristic profile types.  These can not only be isolated with plastic strips, but also with other isolation techniques, such as foam.