Improve the ergonomics of your thermal break assembly process

And boost your Thermal Break Assembly

Thanks to 25 years of extensive experience, Aluro is able to offer a solution to significantly improve the ERGONOMICS of your production process.  This innovative machine allows you to knurl, pull in isolation strips and roll/crimp to assemble aluminium profiles for windows, doors, curtain walls, ...

  • Most advanced state-of-the-art technology

Aluro has used the most innovative technology to ensure that the profiles which you isolate and assemble with the Aluroller EVO, are of exceptional quality.

  • Unique rolling/crimping process

Each alu half-scale is supported over its entire length during the entire rolling/crimping process. The result is a straight profile without any distortions, starting with the very 1st profile. Moreover, there is no need for any backbending correction system. No bananas!

  • Operator-friendly production

We have built the most operator-friendly machine in the market. Not only is the Aluroller EVO the most qualitative machine around, we have also included features to ensure that your operators can use it during long shifts.

  • No more back-stress for the operator

The Lift-Assist allows your operators to simply place the alu half-scale on a support, rather than having to place it upwards in the machine. Their handling will put less stress on their backs; the Aluroller EVO will do the hard work.

  • Less internal logistic handling

Knurling, strip insertion and assembly are carried out with 1 machine, in 1 single process. This does not only optimize your production process; it also sees to it that your operators will need to do less physical labour.

  • Easy insertion of large isolation strips

Isolation strips are pulled into the profile, instead of being pushed. Strips do not get blocked during insertion, and your operators will not need to fix blocked strips.

  • Very practical and reliable

In short, thanks to the unique rolling/crimping and assembly process, the Aluroller EVO ensures the highest quality of your isolated and assembled aluminum profiles. In the best possible circumstances for your operators.


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For your operators

The Aluroller EVO has been built to be used in an ergonomic way of working.  It will limit the physical labour to an absolute minimum, while increasing the efficiency of your production process.


in Thermal Break Assembly

Go for Green!  With the Aluroller EVO, you will reduce your carbon footprint, while improving your efficiency, flexibility and profitability.