BTM machines: standalone Thermal Break Assembly machines

Our BTM series consists of three machines, each handling one of the three thermal break assembly processes: knurling, strip insertion and rolling. These machines can be flexibly deployed in existing production lines on their own, or combined into a complete production line.

  • Stand-alone machines
  • Easy integration into existing product lines

The Aluro BTM series is exceptionally reliable. These solid, well-designed machines guarantee low costs in tooling and maintenance, quick set-up times, high-quality results, and easy-to-operate controls.

To assemble an aluminium profile that includes a thermal break, the three different steps of the thermal insulation process must be completed:

  • The knurling of the profiles
  • The introduction of the insulation strips
  • The rolling (or crimping)

Aluro offers a separate BTM machine for each of these steps, ensuring that they can easily be added to your current production line.

Every BTM machine can be deployed separately in your existing production line. Alternatively, you can set these three machines up as a single operating configuration, making it possible to complete the entire thermal break assembly process quickly and efficiently.

Why opt for a BTM machine?

  • Optional: combine in start-up layout
  • Upgrade CNC at any time
  • High shear values
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost per meter
  • Easy to use
  • BTM Knurling Machine

    BTM Knurling Machine

    • Stand-alone machine, purely for the knurling of the extrusion’s cavity
    • Easy integration into existing production lines
    • 2 hardened steel knurling wheels
    • 4 Vulkollan surfaced support (horizontal) rollers and 4 Vulkollan surfaced guide (vertical) rollers
  • BTM Strip Insertion / Assembly Machine

    BTM Strip Insertion / Assembly Machine

    • Stand-alone machine, for the insertion of isolation strips into the extrusion’s cavity
    • Easy integration into existing production lines
    • Pneumatic pushing tool for complete strip insertion
    • Assembly under 90° in 1 run
  • BTM Rolling (Crimping) Machine

    BTM Rolling (Crimping) Machine

    • Stand-alone machine, with which the strips are locked and the assembly is completed
    • Easy integration into existing production lines
    • 2x2 extra support rolls adjustable for higher profiles

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