OPINION PIECE – Industry 4.0: Evolution, Not a Revolution

OPINION PIECE – Industry 4.0: Evolution, Not a Revolution

After attending the Future Aluminium Forum, Anthony De Meurechy, Aluro Managing Director, took it upon himself to explain his views on Industry 4.0 in our sector. Hot topic at the forum: the fourth Industrial Revolution.
Is this a revolution for the aluminium sector, though, or just evolution?  According to De Meurechy, the term evolution currently remains sufficient.

De Meurechy does consider the enormous increase in technological possibilities a revolution. However, so far, there is no sign of any dramatic change in practice. Companies are receptive to automation and process optimisation, but internal procedures still require a lot of work before attempting a full transition to 4.0.  

From this perspective, De Meurechy explores challenges also faced by Aluro and within our network, and how to address them in the future. Among other aspects, he argues for a shift towards increased co-creation within the sector, the continuing effects of digitisation and the responsibility of management teams for successful implementation of Industry 4.0 at their companies. 

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