Outfit for Thermal Break Assembly: Roller-tables

to unload your profiles onto the next step in your production process

  • Effective and ergonomic means to unload your profiles
  • Optimizes the flow in your production
  • Can be further completed with buffers and other transportation systems
  • Rollers can be driven or synchronized with other equipment

Further optimize the flow in your production

Roller-tables are an excellent way to further increase the flow in production at a low cost. The rollers can be driven or synchronized with other equipment and machines, optimizing the pace of your production process.

Improve the ergonomic working conditions

Reduce the physical labour to an absolute minimum, and let your roller-tables do the hard work for you. The rollers will unload the assembled profiles for you.

Roller-tables to serve your needs

Aluro offers you the right roller-table for your thermal break equipment, and gives you the possibility to choose the perfect solution for your production facilities. These can be implemented at any step of the production process, as per your needs.



Unlimited possibilities

The roller-tables can be provided at a height from 900 to 1.100mm, at any width or any length.

Flexibility above anything else

Single buffers or double buffers, in combination with roller-tables?  Not a problem. Just tell us how you would like to implement the buffers in your production process, and we'll make it happen.



  • Basic roller-tables without any synchronization or automation
  • Sufficient for any standard production environment


  • Rollers can be driven
  • Synchronization with other equipment possible
  • Protection plates between rollers
  • Secured passage to guarantee safety for your operators

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Aluro Outfit T-tester

  • Test the shear value T of your assembled profiles
  • Measure the horizontal pressure of the Thermal Break
  • Available in manual and motorized versions
  • Manual T-testers can be upgraded to a motorized version

Aluro Outfit Buffers

  • Smart but simple means to steer your production process
  • Modularly expandable in height, width and length
  • Can be built as per your needs
  • Easily integrated in your existing production lines