Outfit for Thermal Break Assembly: Integrated packing

for a further integration of additional tasks in your production process

  • Include the packing of your end product in your production process
  • Introduce the proper packing for your products
  • Further optimize the flow in your production facilities
  • No need for additional manpower

Another step towards Lean Manufacturing

With the integration of the packing process, your business will take yet another step towards Lean Manufacturing.  By including value-added services such as packing of your assembled profiles, you will create a more effective flow in your production department. 

The right packing for the right product

Various packing techniques can be introduced, such as spiral wrap or plastic bags.  Choose the right packing type as per the requirements of your customers.

Easily integrate packing into your production process

Aluro will assist you to easily integrate this additional step in your existing production line, without the need for additional manpower.

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Integrated sawing machine

Aluro Outfit Integrated sawing machine

  • Integrate the sawing of your profiles in your existing production line
  • Saw your assembled profiles at the requested length
  • Achieve significant time-savings
  • Integrate the sawing process immediately after the Thermal Break Assembly

Aluro Outfit Buffers

  • Smart but simple means to steer your production process
  • Modularly expandable in height, width and length
  • Can be built as per your needs
  • Easily integrated in your existing production lines