Outfit for Thermal Break Assembly: Buffers

for the continuous flow in your production process

  • Smart but simple means to steer your production process
  • Modularly expandable in height, width and length
  • Can be built as per your needs
  • Easily integrated in your existing production lines


Smart, but simple

Aluro offers you smart, but simple means to effectively steer your production process. Several lay-outs are available for the buffering of your raw materials as well as your assembled, sawn or lacquered profiles. The buffers are made in Vulkollan to ensure your materials do not get damaged.

Easy integration into your existing production lines

The intelligent design of our buffering systems allows you to easily integrate these into your existing production lines.  Aluro is at your service to install any outfit or machine.  The buffering systems will fit with your actual equipment, and there is no need to purchase new machines, just because you want to change the lay-out of your production process.

Modular concept

The modular concept of our buffering systems offers you unlimited possibilities.  You can build and steer your production flow exactly the way you need it.  Would you like to change the height, width or length?  Or would you like to expand it over time?  Not a problem!


The modular concept of Aluro's buffering systems means that we will build your production process exactly as per your needs.  Even though all components are standard, the end result will be a custom-made project.  Would you like to find out more?  Get in touch with us today!


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Aluro Outfit Roller-tables

  • Effective and ergonomic means to unload your profiles
  • Optimizes the flow in your production
  • Can be further completed with buffers and other transportation systems
  • Rollers can be driven or synchronized with other equipment
Integrated sawing machine

Aluro Outfit Integrated sawing machine

  • Integrate the sawing of your profiles in your existing production line
  • Saw your assembled profiles at the requested length
  • Achieve significant time-savings
  • Integrate the sawing process immediately after the Thermal Break Assembly