2nd-hand machines for Thermal Break Assembly

Are you looking for Thermal Break Machines to isolate and assemble your aluminium profiles?  Do you have a limited budget?  Have a look at which second-hand machines Aluro can offer you.

Aluroller Spain bis.JPG
Aluroller Spain.JPG

2nd-hand Aluroller in Spain

This Aluroller is offered by one of our customers in Spain.  It was installed in 2002 and has run for 15 years with 2 shifts per day, without any issues.  This machine is the perfect example of the impeccable quality of the Aluroller.

  • 3-in-1 technology for knurling, strip inserting and rolling (crimping)
  • 1 machine for 3 operations, requiring only 2 operators
  • Unique rolling (crimping) process to ensure straight profiles
  • Maintenance & Service reports can be provided by Aluro
Technical details
Year of construction 2002

Robust industrial design

Operator console with touchscreen

Intuitive graphic controls

Dimensions (mm) L=11133; W=2500; H=3011 
Weight +/- 16 tonnes
Electrical power requirements AC 25 kW/ 3phase + PE
Air supply ½  (min. 6 bar) max. 0,25 m³/min 
Traverse rate

120 m/min

Diameter rolling discs Standard 100 mm 
Pressure on discs From 0 to max 8000 N
Max. profile lenght 7000mm



3 operations are carried out with just 1 machine

Knurling, strip insertion and rolling (or crimping): the Aluroller EVO carries out 3 operations.  With just 1 machine, and only 2 operators.

More pictures at the bottom of this page

More pictures at the bottom of this page

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AR top angular view wagons with tooling 800px.jpg
AR wagons in move with strips 800px bis.jpg
AR top angular view with tooling 800px.jpg
AR wagons in move with strips 800px.jpg