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Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles

The market of window isolation is rapidly changing. Not only are end consumers demanding better isolation (e.g. passive building). Governments are also imposing higher isolation standards. As market leader in the Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles, Aluro has anticipated this drastic market evolution. Thanks to the extensive experience which Aluro has gained over the past 25 years, Aluro is able to offer superior technology to boost your Thermal Break Assembly. Our machines for Thermal Break Assembly allow you to knurl, to insert isolation strips and to roll to assemble aluminium profiles for windows and curtain walls.


100 reasons why Thermal Break Assembly is important

Aluminium is often used for the construction of profiles for doors and windows. It is an effective resource, which is abundant, but it is also a good conductor of low and high temperatures. To avoid these temperatures from entering or leaving a building, it is important that the aluminium profiles are well isolated.  As such, a ‘Thermal Break’ is established: the insertion of isolation prevents high or low temperatures from being transferred inside or outside.

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Our customers about Aluro

  • Bouvet SA
    Angers, France
    Bouvet SA

    For three generations already, Bouvet SA is a family-owned and –run corporation which has grown from a one man business into a large corporation with close to 1.000 employees and to € 150 mio turnover.  Bouvet purchased its first Aluroller in 2007, and its first Aluroller EVO was installed just a few months ago.

    One of the company’s corporate values is to never cease to innovate.  Since the 1970’s already, the company started experimenting with the combination of different raw materials to produce end products.  Today, this has resulted in a separate business unit: subdivision MINCO focuses exclusively on the production of window profiles, which are a combination of aluminium and wood.  Bouvet itself has also extended its activities and is now a full extruder, thereby allowing even more innovation.

    In the first years of this millennium, Bouvet started to explore the possibilities of Thermal Break for aluminium profiles, and that’s how they came across Aluro. 

  • Reynaers Aluminium
    Duffel, Belgium
    Reynaers Aluminium

    Reynaers Aluminium is one of Aluro's 'oldest' customers. They were also the first customer to acquire the brand new Aluroller EVO, Aluro's new generation machine for Thermal Break Assembly.

    Belgian businesses Reynaers Aluminium and Aluro have had a long history of successful cooperation.  Their story goes back several decades, and originates in the 1960’s with the foundation of both companies.  The founding fathers of Reynaers Aluminium – Jan Reynaers – and of Aluro – Frans De Roovere – were business partners, and built their respective businesses only a few towns apart in the northern province of Antwerp, Belgium.

    From day 1, Reynaers Aluminium has been a pioneer who helped to develop the concept of the Aluroller. Many product releases later, the company has implemented 7 Alurollers and several BTM’s in a variety of countries and facilities, from Belgium to Poland, Turkey, Russia, France and Ukraine.  The 8th Aluroller was installed in the main facility in Duffel, Belgium just last year.

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